For the High-Achieving man looking to save his marriage.

I’m going to show you how to…

  • Rekindle the flame with the love of your life. 

  • Begin reconnecting with the woman who was by your side during your climb to the top.

  • Become a role model everyone aspires to be by leading a life of integrity.

Want to continue making massive strides in your career while also creating deep, meaningful intimacy at home with the woman you originally fell in love with?

Rediscovering the Heart of Your Relationship: Understanding, Addressing, and Transforming.


Do you feel your wife doesn’t look at you the same way she used to? 

Well, it's probably because you don’t look at her the same way you used to, either. 

Women can sense nuances in communication in a way men could only dream of. It’s a sixth sense. So she knows you’re more interested in your career than you are in her. 

She knows the ways you used to ravish her are a thing of the past and your love life is as routine as taking out the trash. 

And she - rightfully - suspects you’re getting your “fix” from Porn, and the cute girl at the coffee shop you flirt with every morning… that you're probably fantasizing about running off with thinking she will solve all your problems.

Spoiler alert: she won’t.


We must understand as men that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

However, if you feel that way, it's not your fault. We're programmed to want to “spread our seed”.

In order to do so we strive to be successful to increase our pool of potential mates.

This worked just fine in the past. 

But in today’s society… It's a trap. 

The women who are interested in you for your financial success are often women who will only bring more drama and stress to your life.

The exact opposite of what you're looking for. Especially as a career driven-man.

The competitive nature of your professional life means you need a supportive woman by your side who is with you for you. Not your success.


The woman you’re with now... 

The woman who was there during your climb to the top. 

The woman who sat beside you during those times where money was tight. 

Who listened to your ‘crazy ideas’ and said, “I support you.” 

That’s the woman to find the attraction and connection you’re looking for elsewhere.


Because she’s proven herself to be a quality woman who loves you first. Not your success. 

And once you discover how to re-integrate her back into the position that helped make you successful in the first place.

Well then, the best moments of your life are yet to be lived.


Working in the medical field for a decade I’d see people come in with all sorts of ailments. And instead of looking for the root cause of the issue (the depression, pain, anxiety etc.) all I saw was prescriptions being written to mask it. 

Masking pain instead of removing it has become the norm. 

And it’s not just pills. You get to pick your poison.

Drugs, alcohol, porn, video games, and of course… WORK. Whatever it takes to NOT address the real cause of the discomfort and you’ll have people lining up for it so they don’t have to face their real problems.

I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking (which is a big reason I left the medical industry). So when you work with me, we’ll scan, identify and eradicate the root cause of your struggles for good. 


You look up from your computer. 

It’s 9 pm. The night flew by. You just ran up to your office to do a couple quick things… 4 hours ago. 

Missing another dinner with your family, another bedtime story with your daughter, another goodnight kiss. 

You know these are moments you’ll never get back. So why can’t you stop working, you wonder. 

Why can’t you be as engaged with your family as you are with your work? 

You justify it saying you’re doing it for them. 

And, of course, success comes at a price. So it’s a part of the deal. 

But if all that’s true, then how come staring at your impressive bank balance isn’t filling you with joy?

Why have the biggest deals you’ve ever landed left you feeling empty minutes later? 

Why does all of it feel meaningless in comparison to the beautiful moments you’ve had with your wife and kids?

You want a way out. You want to reawaken that magic you had with your Wife and family. But it escapes you for some reason. 

When you’re with them, your mind is still focused on work. Leaving you wrenched with shame and guilt. 

Are you ready for a real solution? One that lasts a lifetime? And allows you to be completely present in work when you’re working, and at home when you’re at home?

December 10th, 2014...

This is a day that forever changed my life.

It was the day that my divorce was finalized and the first time I had ever chosen myself first in my life.

Prior to this, I was depressed, felt isolated, and had suicidal thoughts.

My relationship was falling apart, I felt unappreciated, undesired, and like nothing was ever good enough - I lived my life for HER;

I had no purpose, worked 2 dead-end jobs, and felt unfulfilled with what I was doing in the world.

I felt alone in my relationship, turned to porn to cope, and I felt like I couldn't reach out for help because "I'm a man" and "Men don't ask for help"...

Reading that you may be wondering…

How in the hell is a divorced man supposed to help save my marriage?

To start, I’ve lived the absolute misery that is a divorce. Which sent me down a path of drug-fuelled self-discovery. I don't recommend it or encourage it, it's just what I did in that moment.

However, after nearly killing myself and 4 others in a car accident, a good friend (who was also a father) suddenly dying, and my sister asking me to be her Children's Godfather.

I knew I had to make a change. So I began a - sober - journey of self-discovery.

Which led me to replaying the entire marriage in my mind like it was game tape, analyzing every misstep. Where it went wrong. Where I handed over too much power. Where she started drifting away. And all the other little things that lead to our marriage’s demise. I quickly realized, it wasn't her. It was me. Because every single relationship prior to that was also the same. I was the common denominator.

I began working on myself relentlessly. "Healing the boy inside" as I like to say.

The result?

Today I’m in an extremely passionate relationship, we’re expecting our first child in January, I run a successful business, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Much of which can be attributed to deep reflection over my previous marriage’s - and relationship's - failure. And making sure I never make those same mistakes again. 

So I’m helping other successful men avoid the same pitfalls using my failed marriage as a playbook of what not to do. Allowing you to live a happy, balanced and successful life in all areas. Not just financially.


Step 1. Toss the Talk Therapy

Sitting down and speaking with a therapist has its place. 

Hell, I still use it as an integral piece of my coaching process. 

It’s only one component, though.

And that’s why if you’ve ever been in therapy, or even couples therapy…

The fact you’re reading this page means it didn’t work for you.

Here’s why…

It has long been understood - even in the medical community - that emotions have a strong impact on our body. For example, stress destroys our immune system, causes muscle tightness, increases diseases and more. We’re even starting to learn that the body does in fact ‘store memories’.

If you doubt that to be true, watch a few Chiropractor “crack” videos on Youtube and witness the flood of emotions people experience after certain adjustments.

You already experience this when you FEEL anger in your body for example.

Anger stays in your body until you express it. Which is why people have “explosive” anger. They take, and take, and take… then explode. 

The healthier way to handle that anger would be to physically express it when it comes up, whether by screaming, punching a pillow or even going to the gym AKA iron therapy. 

So how does this relate to saving your marriage?

Because rekindling the flame in your marriage doesn’t come from your head. 

It comes from your body. 

That feeling of pleasure that flows through you when your bodies press together. 

That little tingle of joy when you see her smile. 

Or the relaxation you feel while she lies in your arms on the couch after a long day.

All of it’s in your body. So that’s where you must go to reinvigorate your passion. 

And in turn she will follow.

2. Going back to

our roots

Men, you’re being lied to. 

We’re a shell of our former selves. 

The instant gratification of today has stripped us of what made us so powerful in the first place. 

Depression, anxiety and loneliness are at record highs amongst men for this exact reason. 

We’re being told the way we naturally feel inside is wrong. 

Yet, men are the cause of so much of the good in this World. 

In fact, out of all single-family households, children that are raised by their fathers have a much higher rate of success.

Because the children are given love, but it’s also balanced with strong boundaries and values. 

What does that mean?

It means when men are free to operate how they're meant to, when given the correct responsibilities…

We thrive.


In our tribal days, men were required to show their physical abilities AND emotional strength. 

While providing a strong dedication to their tribes.

This is why today’s “Masculinity Space” is BS. 

They say women are crazy. Meant to be in the kitchen and anything more is them over-stepping their bounds.

That's the B.S.

Women can do whatever they want. They can step into more of their masculine. Become the Boss Babe.

It doesn't change our role as men. Which is to be the riverbanks for the feminine energy of your woman to flow into.

Yet men have lost their way. They're confused.

Too soft in one moment, and lashing out in another.

Women don’t want to be your sounding board. They don’t want to solve your problems. They don’t want to see your weakness. 

They want to know they can trust you to handle everything so they can let go and step into their feminine.

If they can’t do that, their attraction for you will wane, and the connection and intimacy will go with it.

3. Creating a life of intimacy and connection

Once we’ve implemented Step 1 & 2… 

This step naturally becomes unlocked. 

Because you’re no longer operating from a space of neediness or ego. 

Your self-worth isn’t completely derived from your financial success.

You become a mountain. Strong, sturdy, and firm in your grounding.

Which will drive her wild with passion. 

You'll begin to fully invest yourself in every aspect of your life which is exactly what your woman has been looking for.

To her, your financial success is only one piece of the puzzle. 

If you asked her if she wants more money, she will most likely say no.

She wants more of you. She wants you to look at her the way you used to. To be completely absorbed by her feminine energy... like you used to be.

She seeks a deep, genuine connection.

The good news is...

Once you've reached this step, you'll be able to give her everything she desires without effort, because you'll want it too.


With a decade of experience in medicine and personal development, Fabiano has an extensive background spanning EMS, Fire, hospital work, and 4.5 years in open heart surgery and 2.5 years in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

Fabiano soon recognized significant flaws in the medical system. Instead of prioritizing cures, the system leaned heavily on prescriptions that merely masked problems. Numbing patients and creating unnecessary addictions. 

Disgusted by what he saw, in 2019 he founded a Men’s group called Men of Refuge. Going on to help over 1,000 men find their purpose in life and guiding them to reconnect with their deepest selves. The results were profound. 

And the bonds created will last a lifetime. 

While he continues to help these men, he's put his focus on something bigger. Something that - unbeknownst to him at the time - was born from a conversation with his Father a few years prior.

See, shortly after his discovery of personal development, he mustered up the strength to ask his Dad a simple question, "Why weren't you there for me when I was struggling and in so much pain?"

His Dad broke down into tears.

He realized his Dad was simply doing the best he could to keep food on the table. And was raised the same way by his own Father. It was a long line of dysfunctional - and distant - parenting.

So Fabiano has taken on a bigger mission, to help high-achieving men reignite the flame in their marriages. Knowing the impact will cascade into creating strong, present Fathers, leading to solid households and result in a strong, healthy society.

Want to see how Fabiano can help you become more successful while reigniting the spark in your marriage and family life?


"And had it not been for Fabiano, the coaching, the breathwork, I wouldn't have been in a position to meet that person. And now I truly know why and how important breathworks and men's coaching is because Again, it has gotten to me where I am today in business and it continues to produce unbelievable results that I couldn't imagine."

Bobby Stocks - Co-Founder/CEO

Ad Fellas Marketing & Solutions

"I'm experiencing now is I feel light, open, happy, I feel like I'm me. I'm doing better on everything. And It was the exact opposite of what I would have ever expected.

Opposites, not even the word. Fabiano did something I could have never imagined, unlocking every part of me. The most fun parts of the most rewarding parts, not having anything to do with what my focus was on, which was my business; the most fun and rewarding parts and the parts that I'm really the most grateful for are with my love Carly, my son Cameron, my mother and my friends."

Wesley Todd - Husband/Father/Son


CaseGlide | Litigation Management

"Working with Fabiano and his Refuge Breathwork has been the single biggest catalyst of change in my life."

David L. Cook III - Fiancé /Father

Luxury Realtor/Investor/Entrepreneur